Hello, my name is Carolyn ...
The Grumpy Goat

I love surrounding myself with beautiful nature, architecture, and design, and it's been a crucial part in creating the pieces you see here today. I'd love to pay it forward so that you too, are inspired by art you could stare at all day whether it be for your home, your wedding, or as a gift to someone else. 

If you would like to know more about what I do or if you are interested in a custom piece or a collaboration continue on here



Designing goods.
Creating lifestyles.
Making spaces.

Goat Gab

While you're here, get the latest Goat Gab and find out more about my interests in outdoor adventures, cultures, food, design, and more. As of this year I've been writing my thoughts down instead of keeping them pent up in my head. Much to the dismay of my partner, Alan, I mention him from time to time. Feel free to drop a comment or email me directly if you have any comments. 

About me

A relocation to Sydney, Australia in September of 2017 sparked initiative to create Grumpy Goat Co. It has grown and evolved from selling art to creating and sharing my work as a day-in-the-life and collaborating with others to create bespoke goods. 

I, Carolyn Lieberman, am the owner, designer, and creative director of Grumpy Goat Co. I'm an architectural designer native to Southern California, currently living and working in Sydney, Australia. In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon with a minor in Music Studies. Alongside my career in architecture, I've continued my progress in the arts and digital graphics while working as a designer at an advertising agency. I've shown my work in galleries at University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Oregon.

When I'm not designing and making things I like adventuring new cities, swimming with the fish, climbing rock walls, and eating carbs. Being new to Australia, I visit animals in the wild and in the zoos and continue to work toward becoming a zoo architect.