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Southern California Adventures: Los Angeles & OC

A week of adventures and eating back home in Los Angeles & Orange County.

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Chopstick Etiquette

As a Korean, I think I may have been born with chopsticks in hand. I don't remember ever learning how to use them, they were just in my hands and I never knew the struggle as an adult. My wonderful boyfriend, an Englishman, had used them before but was not blessed with the years of practice and I got to put him through chopstick boot camp before he met my Asian grandparents. Let's just say that they were impressed and giggling through the meal. 

The gentle nature of wooden chopsticks makes them a great tool on non-stick pans. They're my bacon flippers, scrambled egg mixers, Flaming Hot Cheeto grabbers, and my all-around finger extensions. Continue reading to learn how to officially use them and also learn how not to offend cultures while you do. 

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Snorkeling Through New South Wales

Since our arrival in September, we were excited to dive into the southern bit of the Pacific Ocean. Alan got us both a set of fins, goggles, and snorkels for Christmas, and we couldn't wait to use them. Once the water got warm enough we jumped in and were amazed with the abundance of sea life so close to the Sydney CBD (Central Business District). We traveled up and down the coast and hit as many spots as we could before the end of summer. Here are our experiences with the 8 trips out. Feel free to click on the map to go to my Google Map. I'll be updating it as we continue to explore.

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