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Growing up in my Korean-Jewish household, food has always been such a big part of life. Greetings in Korean literally mean "you look healthy" and I was always told to "eat a lot!" while my grandmother scooped an extra paddle-full of rice onto my plate and sending me toward the platters of food –and oh I absolutely did eat a lot. My Jewish grandparents always had snacks on the table by the time we got to their house, making sure to top up when the bowl was down to half the fill. 

As I've grown over the years, my love of food hasn't changed at all. I love eating bowls full of soft tofu stew, munching the crispiest of latkes, and the most exciting times are when I'm eating foods that I've never even heard of before. We're surrounded by so many restaurants and in the age of social media, everyone has become a food critic. I'm certainly guilty of Instagramming an amazing meal, but I like to look up to the pros when getting inspired by food. 


I'm a convert. 100%. I'm still in awe of technology. I understand Derek Zoolander's confusion when he says, "it's IN the computer?" They can now hold thousands of books. THOUSANDS. It's incredible. 

Not only do you have the ability to carry multiple books with you, the e-ink technology makes it pretty much the same when reading in the sun. I got a fancy backlit one and now I can read in the dark without having to hide under the covers with a flashlight. I can now highlight and look up words I don't know and look up people on Wikipedia without having to use my phone. The pages don't fly in the wind and make it impossible to read without two hands.