Why I Ditched Paper And Switched To The E-book

Photo by Maarten Van Den Heuvel

I'm a convert. 100%. I'm still in awe of technology. I understand Derek Zoolander's confusion when he says, "it's IN the computer?" They can now hold thousands of books. THOUSANDS. It's incredible. 

Not only do you have the ability to carry multiple books with you, the e-ink technology makes it pretty much the same when reading in the sun. I got a fancy backlit one and now I can read in the dark without having to hide under the covers with a flashlight. I can now highlight and look up words I don't know and look up people on Wikipedia without having to use my phone. The pages don't fly in the wind and make it impossible to read without two hands.

I know, I know. Like a lot of people, I love the smell of books, new and old. The feel of the paper and cover are part of the reading experience and the feeling of shutting a book after you finish is like no other. I get it. I'll never be in favor of digital books, but I appreciate the ease of them as someone who doesn't get to have a library. 

"There's no friend as loyal as a book.”

– Earnest Hemingway

If you took a look at our apartment, I think you'd be appalled to see only 3 books, one being a beautiful cookbook. My partner has lived in London, Dubai, Los Angeles, and Sydney in the span of 10 years. I've lived in Orange County, Eugene (Oregon), Los Angeles, and Sydney in the same amount of time. Each time we move, we have to give something up, and for both of us, it's been books, among other heavy things. Sadly, we don't have the luxury of moving our entire libraries with us, but don't worry, we haven't given up reading. I now carry my Kindle everywhere. 

The question most asked of successful business people is what makes them so smart? They read. I think it's incredible that such a wealth of knowledge is at our fingertips and since I met Alan, I've been trying to take advantage of it. I started to hate reading when I was around 13 and I blame school. I didn't see the fun in reading and writing essays on books I probably would've enjoyed otherwise. I regret that now, but it's better late than never. 

Our routine at night consists of at least 10 minutes of reading independently and then I get sucked in. Never in a million years did I ever expect myself to read and enjoy a historical fiction series about Genghis Khan. Go read the Conquerer series by Conn Iggulden now if you haven't already. It's my current go-to.  I've read more in the past two years than I had my entire life.  

Long story short, they're the same. A book is a book as long as you read it. I can't wait to settle down just to get my library started again, but in the meantime, I'll keep reading to my heart's content. Here are a few of my favorite books I've read in a while. Are you interested in book reviews? Let me know!