Free Download: Valentines Day Coupon Book

Chocolate. Flowers. Champagne.

Those are the Valentine's Day standards now, but seeing that this is my first VDay in-person (after two years of long distance) I want to do something a little more special. 

I look back on the cute things my mom used to do with us to make special gifts for my dad. I'm sure my dad appreciated 'hugs' coupon I made him and thought it was a cute gift, but I'd like to up the ante a bit more now. 

I've made a set of printable coupons for you and this blog post will be explaining how to cut and construct it all. 

“Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you.”

– Trent Shelton

how to:

Step 1: Download the file. 

A4 Format

US Letter Format


Step 2: Print! Make sure you print at 'Actual Size' instead of 'Fit to Page.' I used a thicker cardstock to make mine a bit more sturdy, but you can any paper you have available. 

To make extra fun coupons, grab some colored paper or lightly patterned material for a unique background. Printing in Black & White can also provide for cheaper printing option.


Step 3: For this step you'll need an Exacto/Olfa/paper cutting device to cut along straight edges. I prefer Olfas, because they have a wide grip, but Exactos are known for more delicate detailing. Olfa also carries craft knives similar to Exacto. 


Step 3: continued...

You'll see some small lines all around the coupons and none dividing the actual coupons. The lines are called 'Crop Marks' or 'Trim Marks' and they're guides to cut out the coupons without any extra borders around them. 

I started with the horizontal ones along the long side of the page. Make sure you don't cut the entire length of the sheet or else you'll love the crop marks in the other direction. I've included photos to show where I've cut on my sheet. 


Step 4:  Don't forget to personalize it and choose your hours, locations, activities before you glue! You can personalize after, but I like to avoid any bends before my SO opens the coupon book.


Step 5: Glue down the left edge to bind them all together. I used another piece of paper to level out the glue and make sure it wouldn't bleed onto the rest of the coupon. 


Voila! You're done!


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