Maybe it's just me, but every morning I wake and fight through the sleep in my eyes, and turn on the sound on my phone to hear the intense jingle of the BBC app and several notifications from Apple News. In an attempt to make Mondays something to look forward to, I'll be finding happy news stories and sharing them with you. My goal is to post every week and give a bit of love to the beautiful humans out there. I'd love to hear any positive news you've got on your side of the world!


I've gotten some feedback from you all and apparently my roast chicken looked appetizing enough to comment. I wanted to share my recipe with you since it's super easy and you too can whip up a beautiful home-cooked meal with minimal effort.

Through my years as a young adult and going through the dating scene myself, it was always fun to look back at my parents' early days of dating. My dad told me a great kernel of wisdom in that you should know how to cook one thing by heart so that you can cook it and woo that one person you love (his was tortellini by the way). Though we've been dating for almost three years, I still try to woo Alan through his stomach. 

Roast chicken is my game, and it's even better because I make the sides on the same pan. Are you hungry and have about 45 minutes to cook? Keep reading for the recipe!


We're on our way to Fiji in a week, and I thought I'd give you a little checklist of things to bring that you might not think of a tropical setting. I've done a bit of homework for Fiji specifically, but this should help out with your future travels in any tropical location. Ready? Set? Let's get packing!


As some of you might know, I'm in the creative industry as an architectural designer, and I've been going through my ups and downs as an individual through my burgeoning career. I forget that I've only graduated three years ago, and I see people that have been out of school for a decade and compare myself to them, which, inherently I know is only detrimental to my own psyche. 

A brilliant man named Ira Glass has kept me going. Some of you may know his quiet, brittle voice from the incredible podcast, This American Life. He's taken on roles such as executive producer and writer, but he'll always be the fave (or voice) of daytime radio in my world. His words on design and indomitable spirit never fail to lift me up from one of my quarter-life freak-out moments, and I just want to pass it on to you all of you.


I've dreamt of moving to Italy and becoming an apprentice to an old lady who spoke only Italian. I'd eat only pasta and pizza and meats and cheeses and I'd come back a balloon, but a happy balloon. I haven't made it to Italy yet, but I thought I'd give making homemade pasta the old college try. 

The gentle nature of wooden chopsticks makes them a great tool on non-stick pans. They're my bacon flippers, scrambled egg mixers, Flaming Hot Cheeto grabbers, and my all-around finger extensions. Continue reading to learn how to officially use them and also learn how not to offend cultures while you do. 


As a Korean, I think I may have been born with chopsticks in hand. I don't remember ever learning how to use them, they were just in my hands and I never knew the struggle as an adult. My wonderful boyfriend, an Englishman, had used them before but was not blessed with the years of practice and I got to put him through chopstick boot camp before he met my Asian grandparents. Let's just say that they were impressed and giggling through the meal. 

The gentle nature of wooden chopsticks makes them a great tool on non-stick pans. They're my bacon flippers, scrambled egg mixers, Flaming Hot Cheeto grabbers, and my all-around finger extensions. Continue reading to learn how to officially use them and also learn how not to offend cultures while you do. 


Since our arrival in September, we were excited to dive into the southern bit of the Pacific Ocean. Alan got us both a set of fins, goggles, and snorkels for Christmas, and we couldn't wait to use them. Once the water got warm enough we jumped in and were amazed with the abundance of sea life so close to the Sydney CBD (Central Business District). We traveled up and down the coast and hit as many spots as we could before the end of summer. Here are our experiences with the 8 trips out. Feel free to click on the map to go to my Google Map. I'll be updating it as we continue to explore.


Growing up in my Korean-Jewish household, food has always been such a big part of life. Greetings in Korean literally mean "you look healthy" and I was always told to "eat a lot!" while my grandmother scooped an extra paddle-full of rice onto my plate and sending me toward the platters of food –and oh I absolutely did eat a lot. My Jewish grandparents always had snacks on the table by the time we got to their house, making sure to top up when the bowl was down to half the fill. 

As I've grown over the years, my love of food hasn't changed at all. I love eating bowls full of soft tofu stew, munching the crispiest of latkes, and the most exciting times are when I'm eating foods that I've never even heard of before. We're surrounded by so many restaurants and in the age of social media, everyone has become a food critic. I'm certainly guilty of Instagramming an amazing meal, but I like to look up to the pros when getting inspired by food. 


After I realized that happiness is based solely on ourselves, the way I've gone about life has changed for me. It has all been for the best. Sure, life will throw some curveballs, but for every minute we're angry at something, we lose 60 seconds of happiness. I'd like to take as much happiness out of life as I can. Some of these may be obvious, but I think the more we think about being happy and making the best decisions for ourselves the, the more it'll happen. If we think it, we can achieve it, right? 


I'm a convert. 100%. I'm still in awe of technology. I understand Derek Zoolander's confusion when he says, "it's IN the computer?" They can now hold thousands of books. THOUSANDS. It's incredible. 

Not only do you have the ability to carry multiple books with you, the e-ink technology makes it pretty much the same when reading in the sun. I got a fancy backlit one and now I can read in the dark without having to hide under the covers with a flashlight. I can now highlight and look up words I don't know and look up people on Wikipedia without having to use my phone. The pages don't fly in the wind and make it impossible to read without two hands.


We're about to take a trip just north of Sydney to Central Coast, so I've starting to do the weekend pickup for the entire apartment. There's nothing I hate more than coming home to a messy house. When we get back, we should be able to take a shower and lounge on the sofa with nothing to do. I've been stressed out after a relaxing vacation before and I don't want that ever again. What are the main things to clean if you don't have time to clean the entire house? 


Other than being a brothel in Melbourne (you learn something new every day), I am talking about the bedroom! Based on the recommended 8 hours sleep, we spend over a third of our lives in our bedroom. THAT'S RIDICULOUS! It should be one of our favorite rooms in the home, but I'm finally in love with the place I sleep. 

I used to take for granted my ability to sleep like a rock, but my body has been yelling at me.


Oh so your mornings don't look like this? You're not a morning person? 

Neither am I. Well I didn't think I was until now (again, please don't tell my mother). I've always been told that the start of your day is the most important, because it sets the mood for the rest of the day.

As part of my self-improvement, I've been getting up a little earlier than I usually would and I've made some habits that have made me a more positive and confident person than I ever have before. I'll share a few of my habits with you!